Flying High

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Last year my best friend had treated me to a flight on a small plane (she was flying it at some point). It was something I had on my “to do” list.

I love checking things off my list. Hope to check off more this year :)

Things Left On The Graves

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While walking around the Lafayette Cemetery I have noticed trinkets and random things left on a lot of the graves. I was told by another person exploring this place, they were the things the dead ones loved, were mostly remembered by.

You could find: shoes, stones, toys, army pins, and many more.  I found it all very fascinating. This cemetery and  the French Quarter Parade (see earlier post on the parade) were my favorite parts of this trip.

P.S. Can somebody tell me if I was told correctly what these things mean? Why do people leave them on the graves in New Orleans?

Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans

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This was my favorite cemetery in New Orleans (there is many).  It is only open morning till the early afternoon.  I have missed the opening hours the first time I visited this city.  We came a little after 2pm and it was already closed.  This time, my friend and I went there first thing in the morning.  It was definitely worth coming back for!

French Quarter Parade

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My favorite part of Mardi Grass. French Quarter shenanigans. I liked it more than the parade with floats. Mind blowing costumes, fun photo opportunities, and (in my opinion) the real spirit of Mardi Grass.


Mardi Grass 2015, Zulu Parade, New Orleans

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Zulu parade was the only one we  stayed to watch and take pictures of.  It was a cold day, we were freezing, and we did not feel like staying for the next one.  Still, it was so worth it.  The guys in the bones costumes looked amazing.  I had a very hard time selecting which photos of them to put in this post.  Overall, the parade was beautiful, and I am glad we did it (despite the cold).

I just felt bad for the cheerleader girls in the parade.  Some of the uniforms were very “small” and you could tell, the girls were visibly shaking from being cold.  I had a warm clothes and hat on, and I was still freezing.  I could only imagine what they were going through.  


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My best friend and I went on a little trip this past February. We checked one item off my bucket list: Mardi Grass. I have an amazing friend who did that just for me. It was not something she wanted to do, but she knew how much I wanted to go, so she made my dream come true (Thanks N!). We were little afraid if we will like it, since both of us do not like big crowds.

Our worries were soon to be forgotten because the crowd was not the problem, the weather was. It was so cold that we only lasted through on of the two morning parades we planned to attend. To make up for it, after adding another layer of clothing at the hotel, we decided to walk around the French Quarter. It was a great decision, Halloween HAS NOTHING on Mardi Grass. There was not as many drunken people as we have expected. Do not get me wrong, there was alcohol, but somehow people were more about having fun than getting drunk (night at Bourbon Street was a different story ;) ).

Another thing were the costumes. There were so creative and amazing. Some of them, for sure, took a lot of time and imagination to make. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Do not even get me started on the food, it is heaven! I am not a huge fan of sea food (I do eat some things on occasion), but over there I could not eat enough (it was our second trip there, but first Mardi Grass). My friend was very impressed with me trying new things (I am a very picky and finicky eater).

I am starting my “New Orleans” posts with the beads, since they are big part of Mardi Grass and New Orleans itself. Have fun. I sure did :)


Art On The Door

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