Little Light On Chiemsee Lake, Bavaria

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Kufstein, Austria

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Beautiful town in Austria. My friend and I did not have a lot of time to explore it.  It was a rainy and cold day, but so perfect for photos.  I also ate the best tiramisu in a small bar/coffee shop, owned by Italians.  I guess, Italians really do know how to make this delicious dessert to perfection.  Maybe Italy should be added to my list of places to see?

Neuschwanstein Castle

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I saw this place many years ago on a puzzle I bought.   I have wanted to go there ever since.  My dream came true October 2015.  It is as beautiful in real life as it is on a puzzle. Surrounding mountains and nearby lake make it truly magical, you really do feel like you are in a land from a fairy-tales.  

I Have Missed You All!

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I am back on this site and continuing with Giaskyler Photography.  I`ve tried with a new site (for just a few hours), but realized  I have put too much heart and hard work to get this one going.  I can not just give it up.  So here I am, with a new post, and many more to follow.

Thank You for your patience.  I see some of you already reaching out to me, and it warms my heart, you know who you are (Eliza and Susan).  I have missed you too :)

First post (after my hiatus) is from Bavaria, Germany.

A view from a Neuschwanstein Castle, my dream destination.  I wanted to visit this fairy tale place for a long time.  I was lucky to see it with my own eyes last October.  More photos to follow…soon :)

Hello My Dear Followers!

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As I decide my next step regarding Giaskyler Photography, I would like to invite all of you to visit me on Facebook,  and/or Instagram.  I am weighing my options when it comes to my blog, but would love to keep in touch with you, since you have been an amazing and a huge part of my life for the past few years.

I will be posting some new photos on my Facebook page: Giaskyler Photography, and on Instagram: Giaskyler.

I hope to see you there!

P.S. I will still be active on WordPress by checking out your amazing blogs!

Morning Dew

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Interesting Instrument

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While in New Orleans, I saw this instrument.  It looks strange and not like something that would sound good.  How wrong I was.  It actually makes a beautiful music.

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