Antelope Slot Canyon, Page, Arizona

Antelope Slot Canyon is located in Page, Arizona.

This is the post I will show you in 3 parts.
First post: the canyon itself.
Second one: the shadow games and shapes.
Third:  beautiful light beams.

It is amazing place and heaven for photographers. It is the only place I have seen so far, that looks more beautiful on photos.
The games that shadows play within the canyon are magical. The light beams are something that I thought I will never be able to see and capture with my camera, but with the help of our incredible tour guide I was able to do it.

I only went to upper canyon. I did not have time to do the lower canyon, but one of the people in my group went there and showed me her photos. The colors were out of this world.

I had no idea I am gonna love this place so much and while planning the trip I didn`t know that this small village called Page, has so many hidden gems. I will definitely love to go back there one day and see all that is has to offer.

18 Responses to “Antelope Slot Canyon, Page, Arizona”

  1. Beautiful work

  2. wonderful series! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Is this where the guy from “127 hours” was trapped?

  4. Breathtaking!

  5. No. The “127 Hours” was in Moab, Utah.

  6. Thank You Very Much Cleodine

  7. Awesome photos. I agreed this place look even more beautiful on photos than live. It’s amazing how light source make this cave become one well known place on earth.

  8. weedimageoftheday Says:

    Mind-blowingly beautiful!

  9. Yes it is!

  10. Glorious artwork! Your photos are exceptionally well crafted and really highlight unusual aspects of the beauty of this place.

  11. Thank You so much. I was really trying to capture the uniqueness of this place and I am glad You think I did so.

  12. Your Antelope Canyon shots are quite beautiful and mystical. Thanks for the visit and the like of my post “We Will Be Lillies”.

  13. Thank You for Your nice comment and visiting my blog.

  14. Good job! The slot canyons are amazing. Nature gave photographers a stunning gift.

  15. It was unbelievable to see. I want to go back there. There is so many more things to see at this location.

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