Gooseberry Bush

Gooseberries were big part of my childhood. I remember sneaking into my grandmother`s garden and eating them right off the bush. 

They were used for making jelly and kompot (drink we had with Sunday dinner).

I still steal few gooseberries when I see them growing somewhere.

I took these photos when I went with my sister to her in-laws`s house, while in Poland. They have a beautiful garden full of delicious treats that scream “eat me!” So I did eat, a lot, and snapped some photos while doing so.


4 Responses to “Gooseberry Bush”

  1. Un souvenir pour moi aussi !!

  2. I’ve never had them – what do they taste like? Tart, sweet?

  3. They are tart and crisp when not ripe, but sweet and soft when ready for harvest. That is how you know if they are good to eat, or be used to make delicious things.

  4. Beautiful.. . .I recall a childhood story with gooseberry pie being an important element. Thanks for sharing.

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