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North and South, Battle Reenactment, Galena,IL

Posted in Photography with tags , , , , , , , on January 22, 2017 by Giaskyler

In the past, when I thought about people participating in any war reenactment the words: weird and  outsiders who have no friends and need somewhere to go and be weird with, came to my mind.

As a school assignment, my best friend had to attend one of these events for extra credit. She asked me to go with her. I decided to get a closer look and went.

How wrong was I!!

After taking some photos we started asking around. Everybody we asked answered our questions. They answered them with such passion and excitement. I have judged them without really knowing them. When they talked about wonderful family like community they have created, it was, in a way, to be envied that they have so many people to share their interest with. They were not weird and strange anymore. They were passionate, determined, and proud to be different.

What an eye opening experience it was for me. I enjoyed it very much and decided to never pass the judgment on anyone enjoying their hobbies.

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