Art Glass Factory

My mom, sister, and I went on a girls trip to Polanica Zdroj, Poland. It was a place that we all have been at some point in our lives, but never together.

My sister and I visited this place as kids for overnight camps.

My mother went there for a health retreat after my father died. It was a place that helped her recharge and go on as a single parent.

One of the stops, at my mother`s request, was this cool Art Glass Factory. It was surprisingly small, but if you love to take photos, you will find it very inspiring.

The coolest thing happened when people working there were on break. One of the man working there asked me if I want a cool shot. Of course I said yes. He led me behind the safety rope to the huge and very hot furnace.  He opened the door that leads to the inside, let me get as close as I felt comfortable, and take photos. Despite the incredibly hot air, I was able to take some amazing shots. I left the place happy and giddy.


2 Responses to “Art Glass Factory”

  1. Glass blowing is a fascinating process, isn’t it? Amazing art form.

  2. I loved watching how they do it! I agree, it is amazing how they do it.

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