Happy Halloween!

Posted in Photography on October 31, 2014 by Giaskyler

Plying With Waves

Posted in Photography on October 26, 2014 by Giaskyler

Beautiful City Of San Francisco

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Seals at Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf

Posted in Photography on October 12, 2014 by Giaskyler

We visited seals at Pier 39 twice.

First time we went they were loud, playful, pushing each other into the water. It was really fun to watch them. That is when I took these photos.

I was lucky, because the second time we went, they were just laying around, still, barely moving.

If only people knew what a great “show” they have missed few days before.

Golden Gate Bridge

Posted in Photography on October 5, 2014 by Giaskyler

Hike From Bakers Beach To The Golden Gate Bridge

Posted in Photography on September 28, 2014 by Giaskyler

The path is used by people to exercise and to walk along the beach. It stretches all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is a walk with breathtaking views that I recommend to anyone who is planning to visit San Francisco.



Baker Beach, San Francisco

Posted in Photography on September 21, 2014 by Giaskyler

Baker Beach was my favorite part of the trip. The beach was breathtaking.

It took us some time to get there (we had to change buses and then walk little bit), but it was worth the effort. From the beach there is an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Interesting thing was, when I was looking at the ocean to my left was gloomy and foggy and to my right, past the bridge, I could see beautiful sun and blue skies.

My sister and I walked along the beach where people and animals played. You can watch sail boats and container ships passing by. The closer to the bridge, the brighter it got.

Also at the end of Baker Beach we noticed some naked people, laying in the sand on this  cold windy day. Turned out, this part was…for nudists! So yeah, we had a view ;)


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