Neuschwanstein Castle

I saw this place many years ago on a puzzle I bought.   I have wanted to go there ever since.  My dream came true October 2015.  It is as beautiful in real life as it is on a puzzle. Surrounding mountains and nearby lake make it truly magical, you really do feel like you are in a land from a fairy-tales.  

5 Responses to “Neuschwanstein Castle”

  1. Wow, beautiful time to visit with the foliage adding to the appeal. Must have been a fascinating tour, esp. the working areas – I assume that was a kitchen? They say Walt Disney modeled his castle after this one!

  2. Yes Eliza, Walt Disney did model his castle after this one, and the working area is the kitchen. It is a very interesting place. Too bad it is not finished. The king who built it died before finishing it. It is a quite intriguing story (his life and death).

  3. At least it is well-preserved. The place looked spotless.

  4. They do take care of it very well.

  5. Education


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