I Have Missed You All!

I am back on this site and continuing with Giaskyler Photography.  I`ve tried with a new site (for just a few hours), but realized  I have put too much heart and hard work to get this one going.  I can not just give it up.  So here I am, with a new post, and many more to follow.

Thank You for your patience.  I see some of you already reaching out to me, and it warms my heart, you know who you are (Eliza and Susan).  I have missed you too 🙂

First post (after my hiatus) is from Bavaria, Germany.

A view from a Neuschwanstein Castle, my dream destination.  I wanted to visit this fairy tale place for a long time.  I was lucky to see it with my own eyes last October.  More photos to follow…soon 🙂

4 Responses to “I Have Missed You All!”

  1. Your Word Press blog seems to be closed.

  2. Yes Susan. I have been trying to customize it, and realized that I have such a big following on my old one. I have decided to delete the new one, and pay for an upgrade on an old one, so I can continue with what I have started many years ago. It was tough to just leave it, when I have worked on it so hard. You do not have to look for me elsewhere, I am staying here 🙂

  3. Welcome back. I reached that upgrade moment too. Having to start over was so scary I paid the bucks and jumped over the hill. Keep your chin up. R

  4. Thank You R. It was scary, and sad. I have worked so hard on this site. I am glad I`ve decided to continue 🙂

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