Things Left On The Graves

While walking around the Lafayette Cemetery I have noticed trinkets and random things left on a lot of the graves. I was told by another person exploring this place, they were the things the dead ones loved, were mostly remembered by.

You could find: shoes, stones, toys, army pins, and many more.  I found it all very fascinating. This cemetery and  the French Quarter Parade (see earlier post on the parade) were my favorite parts of this trip.

P.S. Can somebody tell me if I was told correctly what these things mean? Why do people leave them on the graves in New Orleans?

4 Responses to “Things Left On The Graves”

  1. Fascinating pictures!

  2. Your friend was right for sure, but they don’t just do that in New Orleans. Anytime I’ve ever been in a graveyard I’ve seen various trinkets left on graves in memory of the people buried there. I suspect when my time has come and gone, there will be a few of my vintage Star Wars toys keeping my grave company.

  3. Thank You Anne Marie

  4. Thank You for answering my question domingosaurus. I knew people leave little stones but was not aware of other things. I probably will have something blue on mine (stone most likely) 🙂

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