Mardi Grass 2015, Zulu Parade, New Orleans

Zulu parade was the only one we  stayed to watch and take pictures of.  It was a cold day, we were freezing, and we did not feel like staying for the next one.  Still, it was so worth it.  The guys in the bones costumes looked amazing.  I had a very hard time selecting which photos of them to put in this post.  Overall, the parade was beautiful, and I am glad we did it (despite the cold).

I just felt bad for the cheerleader girls in the parade.  Some of the uniforms were very “small” and you could tell, the girls were visibly shaking from being cold.  I had a warm clothes and hat on, and I was still freezing.  I could only imagine what they were going through.  

6 Responses to “Mardi Grass 2015, Zulu Parade, New Orleans”

  1. It was crazy and fun Eliza. The imagination that people have when it comes to making costumes…mind blowing.

  2. I went to Mardi Gras in Trinidad once. The costumes were so amazing and where they get the energy to parade ALL NIGHT LONG, I have no idea. I was in my 20s and could barely keep up. 🙂 I was told that within a few weeks they start planning for the next year’s parade. Serious business!

  3. Oh my! Very serious!

  4. great action

  5. Thank You 🙂

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