While visiting San Francisco last summer, my sister and I went to Alcatraz, a prison that used to be “home” to the most dangerous criminals in America, including Al Capone. Now it`s a museum.

We took the first boat in the morning. At this time of the day there was not a lot of people on the island. I could take my sweet time taking photos without someone asking me to move.

It is an interesting  place, with breathtaking view of the city. Many birds made it their home. They circle around it making a lot of noise, behaving like they own this island.
We took audio tour where the history of every room in the prison was explained. It was very informative and worth doing. We could stay as long as we wanted on the island, there was no rush from the tour guides.

I recommend visiting Alcatraz to anyone who will be in San Francisco. My advice is to buy the tickets in advance. It is true what the internet says, that they are sold out a lot. On the day we were there the next available tour was 5 days later. I bought my tickets 2 months in advance and even then, the tour I really wanted was sold out (the night tour). So make sure you do it weeks or months earlier, if possible.

5 Responses to “Alcatraz”

  1. Me and my wife went there on honeymoon, and I booked the tickets before we even left the UK! It was a great place to visit, and very intersting! Id’d recommend it to anyone staying in california!

  2. As always, your photos are stunning – you captured some really cool shots.

  3. Thank You So Much for following me for so long! To have people liking my photos like you do (and many other followers that write such wonderful words about my work), makes the whole experience that much more special and exciting. I feel inspired, encouraged and grateful for such fantastic feedback. Thank You 🙂

  4. Nice collection of pictures of the place. It is a treasure for photography.

  5. Thank You. It is a very cool place for tourists, (not prisoners 😉 )

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