Beautiful City

9 Responses to “Beautiful City”

  1. warrenjwalker Says:

    Beautiful images, Gia. I really love the compositions. Your photos have inspired me for a while now. It would be interesting for you to share some of your digital workflow. Do you do a lot of post-processing?

    – Jake

  2. Hi Jake.
    Thank You for such nice comment.
    I mostly do sharpness, levels and depth of field on Adobe Elements 10. When I take photos of people and other living things, I add “eye brighten” on PicMonkey (I use it for eyes, nose and lips/beaks etc.). I try not to change photos too much, but sometimes find myself playing with all the effects with some great end results you can see on my blog once in a while. Hope it was helpful. Thank You for following my blog. Let me know if you have more questions 🙂

  3. warrenjwalker Says:

    Thank you for your reply, Gia. As I said before, I really admire your work. You have a very distinct style. How long have you been using the D90?

    – Jake

  4. I have been using it for 2 years. Few weeks ago I had to get new camera, the old one broke after bad fall. I got NIKON D610 and I love it.

  5. warrenjwalker Says:

    It’s never fun to drop your camera! I have heard good things about the D610. I recently got a new camera as well; the D7000. 🙂

    – Jake

  6. Somebody dropped my camera 😦 I had insurance and got all my money back 🙂

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