Wine Country

I have heard a lot about Napa Valley, how beautiful it is and worth seeing.

When on vacation in San Francisco with my sister, we agreed that if somehow we have some spare time, we will check it out.

With the help of the city`s great public transportation and it`s amazingly helpful residents, we were able to do all things from our list pretty quickly. We had one extra day and we decided to go to the wine country. In out hotel we made reservation for a tour, with pick up and drop off conveniently right in front of the hotel . On the day of the tour we just walked down to the lobby and the bus whisked us off to Sonoma and Napa.

It was a great experience with gorgeous views and lots of wine to taste. Too bad that our particular tour did not include sweet wines that my sister and I love (Resling, Moscato). We hoped we will end up with some wines to take home but unfortunately none of the ones we tasted were to our like.

We did not complain too much though, since it was still great experience. If you are with a tour, in some places they let you go to the bar and try even more wines. We did that of course and had a chance to try some sweeter ones.

One of the wineries was the Andretti Winery. Over there, they even opened bottle of Moscato just for us (which we greatly appreciated). The name Andretti was known in my house: my dad was and my sister is huge car racing fans. Who knew Mario Andretti will be famous not only as a great race car driver, but also for his wines. My sister was in heaven.

It is something I will definitely do again if I had the opportunity. Just next time I will check what wineries I really want to see and what wines are they famous for.

In the end we had fun and it was worth it (even if we did not take any wine home). It was beautiful and learning experience.



2 Responses to “Wine Country”

  1. Madiha Hussain Says:

    Woah your photography is awesome! you have a great talent. you can check out some of mine on my blog if you wish 🙂 thank you if you do x

  2. Thank You and I will definitely check yours 🙂

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