San Francisco – The List Is Now Complete!

This summer, my sister and I completed our “to go” list we made many years ago, a decade ago to be exact.
Last stop: San Francisco.

We have friends who used to live in San Francisco and gave us helpful tips about the city. They also warned us it can get cold and windy over there.

What we knew about San Francisco? It`s foggy and has beautiful bridge called Golden Gate. This about sums it up.
Little did we know, that we are gonna fall in love.

The city welcomed us with fog and very cold temperature. We anticipated this and packed warm clothes, but did not expect it to be THAT COLD! It was middle of the day so we decided not to waste time. After settling in our hotel, dressing warmly, getting quick bite to eat, we were off to explore.

In 5 days we were able to see: Chinatown, Fisherman`s Wharf (and seals of course), Baker Beach, Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks, Sausalito, Alcatraz Island and many more. We even found time to go to Napa Valley and Sonoma for some wine tasting.

It was foggy and gloomy most of the trip, with sun trying to peak out here and there (you can see it well on the first photo, where around the harbor you see some sun and the rest of the city is covered in fog). One thing I was sure about was the quality of the pictures. This was, according to my photography teacher, the best weather to take photos. After the rain and fog gives you sharper and more intense colors.

The last day warm sun came up and as beautiful as the city still was, it was missing mystery that fog added to it. My sister and I totally agreed on that, after comparing foggy vs sunny day photos.

 The city made a lasting impression both on me and my sister. We ate amazing food, saw beautiful places and made some friends along the way.

 For the next few weeks my posts will be from this very trip. I hope you will enjoy it.

 First: Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks is a viewing point I knew about from reading one person`s blog. The guy promised it will be worth seeing and he wasn`t lying. It was one of my favorite spots. Maybe the city view wasn`t perfect (it would show the whole city and harbor if sunny) but this way, I feel, I was able to capture it`s character. I loved it and would stay there longer, if not for the chilli and strong wind. Plus, it was getting late.

2 Responses to “San Francisco – The List Is Now Complete!”

  1. San Fran. is a favorite of mine as well. It is one of the few cities I can tolerate. Did you get to Golden Gate park? There really is a lot to do in SF & great food. I hope you missed the Napa earthquake…not a good vacation experience.

  2. We didn`’t get to the Golden Gate Park. We opted to walk along the cliffs from Baker Beach to the bridge. It was my top favorite San Francisco experience. Breathtaking!
    And yes, we missed the earthquake by a week. We were lucky.

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