Happy 2014 Pride Parade Chicago

I took these photos a year ago during 2013 Pride Parade.

It was so crowded I was not able to take good photos of the actual Parade.

With my friends we decided to go in to the alleys and side streets to see what is going on over there.

It was a smart decision. I took great photos of beautiful “rainbow people” and had fun without the danger of being stomped by the crowd (it got really scary at one point).

6 Responses to “Happy 2014 Pride Parade Chicago”

  1. I attended the Chicago pride parade years ago, with a few friends, and it was truly fabulous. So many fun people to see and talk to. Your photos are great! (as always!)

  2. Thank You Lesley đŸ™‚

  3. As someone who rarely takes photos of people because, you know, people are not that interesting, I have to say these challenge the idea people are boring.

  4. Thank You Disperser. I take it as a very high complement then!

  5. You really capture the fun and quirkiness!

  6. Thank You KerryCan

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