Wild Wild West

While hiking Grand Canyon I came across this scene. I felt like I went back in time and found myself in old western movie. It was so cool.

One of the best/craziest/full of drama trips so far in my traveling experience.

Why? – my beautiful followers who joined my blog recently will ask. Read post “Hiking With Drama”  from July 2013 and you will know why.

6 Responses to “Wild Wild West”

  1. Neat.

    That looks like a rocky path. Interesting how the animals can put their hooves in the right place.

  2. It is very interesting. I guess we underestimate them and what they are capable of. Smarter then we think.

  3. I am listening to the soundtrack of “Django Unchained” while looking at these photos.

  4. Just read it. Amazing. Thank You for sharing!

  5. Ha ha. So appropriate 😀

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