Wires In The Snow

Monday, January 6, 2014 was a very cold day in Chicago, with temperatures -12 Fahrenheit during the day and windchill -38 Fahrenheit.

I was stuck home all day. At some point I decided to open the window to see how cold it was. It felt like I was back in time in Poland and we were having one of our “Siberian Winters” as I call them, with lots of snow and freezing temperatures. Winters in Poland are milder now, but I still remember how it used to be.

Few minutes later I`ve decided to take photos of the wires hanging by my window. I must say, I like the outcome 🙂

4 Responses to “Wires In The Snow”

  1. Being from Eastern Europe is a plus in these times. You are at least a bit used to this cold, and to much longer spells of it actually.
    Since I spent one long winter in Lithuania, I ain’t easily scared by cold no more.

  2. Simple things like snow and wires often make the best images. I like your photos.

  3. Thank You Susanenholm32

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