Grand Canyon’s Cactus Flowers

Before my sister and I made the trip to the Grand Canyon, a friend of mine told me to look for cactus flowers that bloom beautifully this time of year. I have never seen cactus flower in it’s natural surroundings, unless you count in flower shop.

My favorite part was to look for ones that have a shape of something. I found many cactus animals and other things. Amongst many I saw a hand, a dog, a caterpillar and a man holding squirrel by it’s tail (the last one is my favorite). Looking for them made the hike fun and interesting. If I could, I would stay there whole day and take photos of just the flowers.

Your imagination runs wild there and if you are hiking with kids, it makes for a great game for them.

8 Responses to “Grand Canyon’s Cactus Flowers”

  1. I try not to make a habit of leaving a link to my own blog, but I just can’t help it after viewing your post here. You might have fun reading about my Wee Folk in the Woodlands.

    It is a completely different terrain than the one in which you live. When I visited the desert years ago, I couldn’t help seeing figures in the cactus, particularly the saguaro.

  2. Very interesting Jean. I love fairies šŸ™‚

  3. A man holding squirrel:d I see something totally different in that photo;)

  4. No funny thoughts please. I am trying to keep my blog between PG and PG-13! I do realize one could argue with what`s on it. I love this photo and I see a squirrel!

  5. As an avid fan of all things cactus and succulent, I would love to spend a week there shooting. Great captures with wonderful shapes and colors and contrasts!

  6. You would have a blast!

  7. The middle one looks like boy riding a wooden pony. šŸ˜€

  8. Ooohhhh you people šŸ˜‰

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