Chicago At Night

My best friend and I decided to take night time photography class.

The class took place by Adler Planetarium, where people can admire the view of Chicago skyline.

Before we started shooting the teacher gave us pointers, explained a thing or two and then guided us through practice.
My friend and I gave it a little spin of our own of course, but in a good way. We enjoyed it very much.

Here are some results. I think I paid attention?

10 Responses to “Chicago At Night”

  1. Thank You Dan

  2. warrenjwalker Says:

    Awesome shots!

  3. Thanks Warren

  4. You definitely were paying attention. They are all wonderful, but I especially like the second one.

  5. Thank You. I could not pick a favorite. It took me awhile to select which ones to put in this post.

  6. It`s still burning light in Chicago … Thank God … πŸ˜‰

  7. Beautiful shots! I live about an hour outside of Chicago and you did a wonderful job capturing the city.

  8. Thank So Much! I was trying my best πŸ™‚

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