Las Vegas, Nevada

The Sin City, as it is also called, was the last stop on this year`s trip with my sister. I decided that you only live once and I booked us the fabulous Wynn Hotel. We could choose our room and opted for the one with the view of the strip, on the 23rd floor.
We were both in awe when we entered the room, for we felt like celebrities, the room was so gorgeous. I immediately started to play with the gadgets (TV in the bathroom, window curtains and lights that you could set to your liking by quick push of the button on the phone by the bed). After our excitement cooled off a bit we changed and hit the pool to relax before exploring the city.

When evening came, we changed (again) and went to grab dinner and see what`s all the hype about when it comes to Las Vegas. After nice meal and a nice walk, we could not understand why people are so enchanted by this place. To us it was not enough lights, too many drunk underage kids, everything about it was just not enough, boring. We were disappointed. After a while we were so unhappy and mean to each other for no apparent reason (when that happens we know we are tired and just like children we have to go to sleep),  we decided to call it a night, at 10:30 pm!! We promised each other we are not gonna tell our friends that we went to bed that early, instead of going to party or gamble the night away.

What a difference a good night/no alarm set sleep makes. We suddenly felt the vibe and excitement. We ate good breakfast and this time could not stop “uuhing and ahhing” at everything we saw. We saw this city in different light and we loved it. One bad thing, my knee started to hurt so bad (previous days were busy hiking down the Grand Canyon and exploring nature in Page and Sedona) that I could barely walk.
I decided to find pharmacy and buy knee support,  so it will not get worse. I did not want to sit in a hotel room. I came here to party and gamble and I was gonna do it.
I put the aid on my knee and aside from bringing relief to my knee, it turned out to be great conversation starter.  I have never been hit on by so many guys before. I was laughing that I have to wear it when I get back home every time I go out now. My knee hurt less with it on (without it it was very painful to walk around), I was able to have fun and I had a lot of attention because it. Call it the “men magnet” ha ha!

My sister and I stayed up all night this time, like true Las Vegas visitors should. We went to see Cirque de Soleil, we gambled, went out to a night club. At the night club we stayed less than an hour (yes, we are boring old hags), we left as soon as it started getting too crowded and hit the casinos. It was so much fun. A lot more fun then a night club. My sister was on a winning streak and I had mixed luck, but such a good time, that I didn`t care. This time we were in hotel room after 4 am. Way more “respectful” than the night before.

In the end we both lost a little. Our winnings though let us have fun and not go totally broke.
We are definitely planning to go back to this city, this time  with our best friends.
At last we got why people love this place so much and we loved it too!

4 Responses to “Las Vegas, Nevada”

  1. What a bizzare side effect of a bad knee! I’ve never been to Vegas and while It’s not top of my list I’m sure I’d find it exciting.

  2. I agree. As painful as it was it was also fun. But I wouldn’t like for it to happen again.

  3. Glad that you had a fun time in Las Vegas. Liked the photos. You might explore Reno and Minden (Carson Valley Inn). More rural. Great art museum in Reno. Slower pace with charm.

  4. Thank You Susan. I am always looking for travel tips 🙂

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