The Shadow Games and Shapes

Antelope Slot Canyon has a lot of surprises that are either visible to the eye or you can only see them through the camera lens.
The rocks surprise you with the shapes of faces (Lincoln, Elvis and more). At some point you are told to take a photo of a rock that is not that interesting, you take a photo, you look back at it and you see the heart (see photos below).
Our awesome tour guide told us what to look for and where to aim the camera to get the images.

It was unbelievable how many surprises this little place holds. I loved every minute being there.

10 Responses to “The Shadow Games and Shapes”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I saw the shapes in your images before I even read your post.

  2. Yes it is. The canyon is something that I can not get out of my head, that is how big impression it made on me.

  3. Very cool!

  4. Gorgeous images. Quality photography! Lovely! Robyn

  5. Thank You Robyn

  6. Joe Faragalli Says:

    Very attention grabbing photos! Nice work

  7. Thank You Joe

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