Lake Powell

My sister and I decided to do a  nature trip this year (well, I decided to be precise and she was happy with the plan).

First stop, Page, Arizona, a small town that has beautiful Antelope Slot Canyon near by.

I have always wanted to see canyon like this, little did I know that thing called “Google” will find it for me.

We had the whole trip planned, all days, but one. I searched on GOOGLE : “things to do in Arizona” and waited for the results. The first page that came up was Antelope Slot Canyon. I saw it, checked it out, and I became obsessed with it. I had to see it and I had to see it badly! My sis agreed that this is our missing place for this trip. We made a plan to stay the night in the hotel very close to the meeting spot for the company that takes tourists to the canyon, and next day explore this obsession of mine.

When we got to the hotel in the evening it was still light outside. The hotel was located at Lake Powell. We had no idea that it is gonna be located in such a beautiful place. The lake captured our hearts.

The town is literally in the middle of nowhere, but what a nowhere it is! I could not get enough photos of it (I took some photos in the evening and some in the morning).


7 Responses to “Lake Powell”

  1. shlehora Says:

    Thanks for the pics! Wow! It’s amazingly sad how the water has receded in the 12 years since I’ve been there.

  2. That`s what blogger named “Disperser” said too! That is so sad 😦

  3. Did you post images of Antelope Canyon? I live in Tucson and the canyon is on my trip list. Lake Powell’s water level is horribly low. Years ago we took a one week houseboat vacation on the lake. My photos show a dramatic difference in water depth.

  4. Not yet but soon. It is worth seeing. Make sure to go to upper and lower canyon if you have the time. We only went to upper one and we definitely want to go back one day to see lower one. Make sure to take photographic tour with Rob. He will help you with camera settings and he is just awesome! Here is the link to their website (there is many companies that take you to the canyon and it is hard to choose)

  5. Nice capture of Lake Powell. Did you take the lake cruise?
    Lookin forward for your antelope canyon photo. I definite want to go back with better tripod next time.

  6. We did not have enough time for the lake cruise. Every day of the trip was packed and we did not have room to fit more. We had no idea that it is so beautiful and we regretted not having time to do so.

  7. Lɑke Powell | Giaskyler

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