It was trip down the memory lane. Baltic Sea, Poland

My mom, sister and I spend a weekend at Baltic Sea together back in September, 2012. After almost 30 years, we came back to a place, where we took our first and only family vacation with my dad (we did not have a lot of money growing up). I even recognized the little hotel we stayed at. It is still there, welcoming tourists to this day.

It was great to reminiscence and bring back the memories of that time.
I was about 5 and my sister 3 or maybe 4 and 2, I do not remember exactly.

But there were 5 things that I do remember vividly:

1. Organized kids dance with games and prizes (I got a jumping frog).
2. My dad letting me out on a playground via our window (we were staying on the bottom floor and playground was conveniently located by our window).
3. Looking for seashells with my dad, when a  little boy (maybe 6 years old) “warned” us, that we should not go into the deep water, because “sharks are there”.
4. Restaurant that we ate at.
5. Trip on a ferry that my mom hated and my sister and I loved. We got caught in a huge thunderstorm.  My sis and I loved when the ferry rocked like crazy. Dad bought us candy, so we would be occupied, while he took care of our freaking out mom (since I can remember, she was afraid of anything that had to do with water, so you can imagine how terrifying this was for her).

It was nice to go back to a place, where happy memories lay.

13 Responses to “It was trip down the memory lane. Baltic Sea, Poland”

  1. Verity Keen Says:

    Lovely stories, memories and pictures – V

  2. Thank You Verity Keen

  3. Lovely memories of a special time. Great shots too 🙂

  4. Yes, great memories 🙂

  5. thanks for taking us along on your memory trip. Beautiful pix. And thanks for looking at my latest post!

  6. You`re Welcome and Thank You for a nice comment 🙂

  7. It’s always good to go back to happy places 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  8. I have never seen beach chairs like those and it blew my mind! Thanks so much for coming by “After All” and I will continue to visit and send word from Ontario… Blessings.

  9. They look like they were from long time ago. Very unique 🙂

  10. This is certainly super cool. I’ve been looking via a bunch on the internet and
    also really preferred this excellent adaptation.

  11. I go to college in Canada and we just now are learning about this in class.

    Thanks for helping me with the last part of my report.

  12. You`re very welcome. Glad I could help. Hope you got a good grade 🙂

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