Beautiful Beasts

Gargoyles can be creepy and scary. I call them beautiful and cool…with a pinch of darkness. They are said to scare off and protect from any evil or harmful spirits. So it is hard for me not to love them.

14 Responses to “Beautiful Beasts”

  1. I love them too, and I’ve always wanted one in the house. I actually gave my brother and his wife one for christmas one year and they loved it too after I told them it would protect them. Love the post.

  2. jrosenberry1 Says:

    I absolutely love gargoyles! I sculpt them in polymer clay and paint them. Did you ever read “God bless the gargoyles” by dav pilkey? A kids’ book but it encapsulates the concept of gargoyles- and what it means to be misunderstood.

  3. Nightmares tonight. Love those creatures. Thanks for the photos.

  4. Never heard of this book but I am definitely gonna try to find it! Thanks for the tip about it 🙂

  5. Hope you will not have the nightmares! ; )

  6. jrosenberry1 Says:

    You’re welcome — enjoy!
    Hopefully this link will work for you:

  7. It does. Thanks a lot!

  8. nice shots! who doesn’t like creepy and scary!

  9. Thank You briteideasstudio

  10. Thank you for stopping by the B bus, encouraging and inspiring us to keep blogging our travels near and far. Your images are lovely – especially the gargoyles and enchanted forest. We are honored that you chose to like our post!

  11. You have some cool photos on yours 🙂

  12. These are really dramatic!

    Great looking gargoyles and you’ve captured them really well. Particularly effective in b&w.

  13. Thank You. I do agree, black and white makes images more dramatic in this case.

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