When I was growing up, weekends, especially Sundays, were sacred family time in many ways. My mother`s dad was very adamant that family should be together, and he made sure all of his daughters and their families were together as much as possible.

Sunday always started with everybody going to church, then family lunch, and after that fun. And by fun, especially in Summer time, Imean motor speedway, called ZUZEL.

While women were staying home to gossip, men were taking the kids and going to the city to watch the race live. I still remember how we always sat where the track turns (it was oval shaped). How we had to make sure we have newspaper or umbrella to cover our eyes so the gravel from the motorbikes did not hurt our eyes. The smell of burned gravel, the roar of the engines, that was my Sunday.

Our team Stal Gorzow was and still is one of the best in the league. We always took pride in cheering them on, no matter if they won or lost. They are our Staleczka as we call them. It was our family Religion, second after God! We screamed, we cried, we cheered like there was no tomorrow, every Sunday of the race.

This year I went to watch the race live for the first time without my dad (it has been years since last time I set my foot on the race track). The memories came back, bittersweet I must add.
We were racing against our archenemy Falubaz. When there is a race between Stal Gorzow and Stelmet Falubaz, it is called THE DERBY!Β  And it is a big deal and dangerous race because the fans of both teams always fight. The security is doubled and we hope and pray that all goes well, safety wise.
We were ready with the rest of my teams fans, with our blue and yellow scarves in hands.

It was a very close race and full of surprises. We won in the end. My team, Stal Gorzow was gonna fight for gold! The whole city celebrated and I bet a lot of grown men were crying (I have a feeling my cousin was one of them since he has done it in the past ha ha). Yes, that is how emotionally committed the fans in my hometown are! My seat was pretty high up so I could not take photos of the quality I wanted. But I hope this will give You all a glimpse how it looked and show you what ZUZEL is!

P.S. Those young boys you can see on one of the photos are the future of Zuzel. They are the Juniors. Their dream is to become part of the team and race professionally.

4 Responses to “Zuzel”

  1. arnoldthearmadillo Says:

    Great, I love speedway πŸ˜€

  2. Then You know what I mean with this post πŸ™‚

  3. arnoldthearmadillo Says:

    Absolutely, I used to go to grass track racing too, similar idea and bikes but on grass instead of gravel, I have never been to ice speedway but it is on my list of things to do..

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