“A View From The Top”. Prague, Czech Republic

When my sister and I go on road trips I am always the one planning it. I take care of the transportation, hotel and information about the place we travel to. I am a tour guide and lead the way, she follows. My sister always tells me that every time she checks afterwards what is worth seeing at certain place, we ended up seeing it all and because of that, she lets me boss her around and drag her everywhere I want.

This year everything has changed. For the first time I was the one visiting her. She was the one planning every detail of our road trip. I had to follow. I followed gladly.
First part of her plan was Polish Mountains, Tatra (which you can see in previous posts). Second part was…Prague.

My sis visited Prague a few times before and was very excited to someday take me there. She could not wait to see my reaction to the gorgeous views of Prague. Someday finally came and we were on our way.

Like a good host she did ask me if there is anything I would like to see. I did have one place in mind. As a huge movie fan I wanted to see the view of the bridges, like I have seen in many movies that were shot in this beautiful city. Everything else, I trusted her judgment. She was not sure where the spot with the view of the bridges was, but she was determined to find it and take me there.

My sister turned out to be great and very knowledgeable guide. She came very prepared and knew a lot about the city and it`s history. If she didn`t know something, she would whip out a guide book she brought along and simply read from it. I was very impressed and happily went wherever she told me to go. She allowed me to take time with photos and patiently waited, while I went on a photo rampage.

The city made a huge impression on me. I felt like I am in a different, magical,Β  fairy world with castles and gorgeous small streets.Β  The views were breathtaking. It really did feel like you are back in time hundreds of years. The atmosphere of the whole city: old architecture, art, new times – combined beautifully. No weird buildings destroying the spirit of the city with it`s strange, too modern look. Everything: old and new, fits perfectly together, as one. I fell in love just like my sister did.

Now I know why she came back there as many times as she did.
And we did find the view I wanted. The trip was a total success, Thanks to great planning on my sister`s part.

36 Responses to ““A View From The Top”. Prague, Czech Republic”

  1. Great photos! I’d love to visit Prague someday:)

  2. It is worth seeing

  3. yep, I can imagine that πŸ˜€ Bucharest is worth seeing, too:D

  4. I heard that. Someday… πŸ™‚

  5. Absolutely great photos once again. What a gorgeous city!

  6. The bridge photos were spectacular and my favorite!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  7. Thank You Lesley

  8. Thanks Wendy. That was my “dream spot” for photos. Glad you like them.

  9. Great view from here!

  10. Yes it is πŸ™‚

  11. Lovely photos. My grandparents lived in the Carpathian Mts. Would like to see those small, magical streets.

  12. They are beautiful. Thank You for a nice comment Susan.

  13. pretty place to do tilt shift!!

  14. Yes it is, but I wanted to show everything sharp. Although I was tempted πŸ™‚

  15. try it, G…
    i want to see the result! x

  16. I will think about it

  17. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  18. You have some great photos there.

  19. This is great. I’ll add it to my list of destinations!

  20. You will love it!

  21. WOW! Wonderful view!


  22. Wonderful memories. Spent time in Prague in 1992. Would love to visit again sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Love me some Prague! Beautiful pics!

  24. Thank You! Beautiful city!

  25. What a marvelous and beautiful city! Wonderful shots!

  26. Yes it is wonderful, beautiful, all of the above πŸ™‚ Worth seeing!

  27. Inspired and pretty Says:

    Wonderful photos !

  28. Thank you for dropping by my blog, it gave me the opportunity to visit yours and it is fantastic. You should be proud of yourself.

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