New York

I have been in New York quite a few times before 9/11. I loved it, loved everything about it. The view from the Empire State Building was something that I  could never get over, AMAZING is one way to describe it!

In 2004 I went there for the first time since the tragedy. Still remembering the skyline with Two Towers, I rode the elevator up the Empire State Building . With a heavy heart I went outside, looked…into the empty space where Two Towers should be.

So many lives changed, so many gone forever. But the city still stands, stronger, more powerful than ever! It`s heart is still beating, determined to move on, but never forget!

7 Responses to “New York”

  1. We were in Germany and 9/11 is my husband’s birthday so I will never forget

  2. Inspired and pretty Says:

    I adore New-York city, I went for the first time last summer so I never saw the twin towers. It is such a sad sad event… I can’t wait to return and see the 9/11 memorial. When I was there in June 2011, it was still in construction and opened just 3 months later.
    I really love the photo of the Chrysler building and the Brooklyn bridge.

  3. Thank You. It was very strange feeling not seeing the towers.

  4. THANKS for visiting my “pun-ny” photoblog and leaving a “like.” These shots of NY City are all the more timely considering the flooding that Hurricane Sandy caused lthere ast night.
    –John R.:

  5. Nature is powerful and unpredictable 😦

  6. Thanks for visiting by blog. Your series of photos and commentary on New York brings back sad memories. Very nice photos!

  7. When I look at them I feel sad too. I have been in New York a few times before 9/11 and now it is not the same when I look at the skyline. I immediately think about all those lives lost.

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