I was honored to be nominated for the “Inspiring Blog Award” and “One Lovely Blog Award” by Ryeder who  has an incredible blog himself. You can find it at: http://ryeder.wordpress.com


The rules are that I have to state 7 things about myself. Here they come:

1. My favorite color: blue

2. I love my younger sister more than life!!!

3. I am told I am bossy and opinionated but at the same time I am easy-going and know how to compromise.

4. I have no problem admitting I am wrong.

5. I would like to visit St. Vincent Island someday.

6. I love grey wolves. I wish I could have one as a pet.

7. My biggest dream is very simple…to be a mom one day!

Now I have to nominate 15 other blogs. My list is smaller than 15, but they are amazing blogs and you should check them out! The blogs that inspire me ( in no particular order):

Jordan Cantelo

Leanne Cole`s Photography

Two Black Dogs

The Sophomore Slump


The Photography of Mark Simms

Sebastian Solberg


6 Responses to “”

  1. Grey wolves are gorgeous

  2. Totally agree!

  3. Well done, well deserved 🙂

  4. Thank You Mondrak

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