LaPush Beach, WA.

This beach was an inspiration for the author Stephenie Meyer for the “Twilight” saga.

We were visiting friend who lives in a beautiful Washington State and she drove us around to show us all the amazing places. La Push  was definitely worth seeing and more than made up for our disappointment, that it was not the actual “Twilight” movie location (it only appears in the books). And if you ask?…Yes – we did go to Forks!

Forks is so small, no wonder Bella was bored and decided  she needed some excitement by falling in love with a vampire.

6 Responses to “LaPush Beach, WA.”

  1. Excellent! Wonder where all the tree trunks came from… The last phto is very unique.

  2. I do not know where the trunks came from. They looked like fallen trees from strong winds but not sure.

  3. These photos are great. I those where there are drift woods/dead trees. Its beautiful. The people marks are reference showing how huge those woods are. If you could level the horizon a little bit, it would add more beauty to your image.

  4. Thank You. I agree about the horizon. With time as I was learning more about photography, I started noticing things like that in my photos. I decided not to correct them, since this way I can see my progress 🙂

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