Random things I saw while strolling around Chicago

14 Responses to “Random things I saw while strolling around Chicago”

  1. The lamp looks like something I frequently see in European cities while viewing other sites here. The statue is nice too.

  2. I agree about the lamp. That`s why I like it

  3. Excellent shot of that statue!

  4. Thank You Sheila

  5. Nice create shots.

  6. I like this mono set for its variety. The gate and the pipe are especially good. I was taken by the way the pictures overlap and think that the first two combined would make an interesting image.

  7. Thank You John

  8. Awesome photos. Will have to visit Chicago again some day

  9. Definitely! Make sure it`s during the summer. You will love it!

  10. I was there several years ago when my children were small. I used to take the train from Spokane, WA to Chicago where my kids would go with their dad. I was only able to spend one day in a great area and I keep meaning to get back. Really great photos

  11. Thank You. Hope you will get to visit again 🙂

  12. Thanks for visiting http://www.marksimmsphotography.com. My sister lives not far from Chicago.

  13. Beautiful capture’s.
    your lighting is superrb to say the least

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