Telluride, CO

I always wanted to learn how to ski.

Telluride was the first and so far the only place I went skiing. I decided to take all day class and after I rented the gear, bravely put it on, I stood in line with the instructor and 8 other people eager to learn. We started on a “bunny hill”, where 3-4 year old were zooming past us, putting us to shame. I said to myself if they can do it, so can I. I was determined that by the end of the day I am gonna be a skier. After some time skiing next to the little ones, 4 people in my group decided that this is not for them and quit.  The rest of us agreed to go for lunch and continue after.

When it was time to continue our class, I was the only one standing, the rest quit as well. So here I was, having a private lesson. The instructor took me on a double green diamond. We skied a bit and when we got to the bottom he decided we should try blue diamond. I was very enthusiastic about the whole thing and very proud of myself, since I thought I am doing pretty well for a first time on the slopes (it helped that I knew how to skate and roller-blade since it is very similar). At some point he showed me a trail and said to go there. At the end of it I saw a very steep hill, pretty much it looked like 60 or more degrees (angle). It was skiing down or back the way I came from. I was standing on the edge contemplating if I can/should do it since I did not think I was prepared for this one.

As I am standing,  making my decision I feel push and the next thing I know I am going down the hill, trying to catch my balance. I successfully landed on the bottom and as soon as I was able, I started to yell at my instructor: “WHY DID YOU DO IT?” (there was no other people with us and I knew it was him who pushed me). His response: “I have been watching you all this time and I knew you could do it. I would never have done it if I knew it was too dangerous for you. I knew you are capable and that`s why!”. I was furious to say the least! I looked up and saw how steep the hill was and I could not believe I did it! We continued down the mountain and ended class in early afternoon. He said that he haven`t had a student so eager and excited about ski class in a long time and he had fun teaching me. In the end I just couldn`t be mad at him, I was proud of myself and with a big smile I ended my day of skiing.

Later that evening I went exploring a bit and took gondola to take some photos. It was a fun time. Telluride is truly an amazing and beautiful place. The mountains surrounding it are breathtaking. I might not be able to go back there on my own (it was perk of the job I had back then, I would not be able to afford it myself) but I will definitely ski again when I get the opportunity…somewhere.

22 Responses to “Telluride, CO”

  1. Nice -n- cold!

  2. It was fun 🙂

  3. writingisl0ve Says:

    Ah, I’ve been to Colorado many times, but I’ve always wanted to go to Telluride! Love skiing/snowboarding 🙂

  4. & this is the area full of those terrible fires? It looks so beautiful. I’d love to get to Colorado one day…

  5. Oh my god, this is such an exciting, adventurous, laugh out loud read. Your best post after all the great ones!

  6. My favorite place here in Colorado. The summer Bluegrass festival is a great way to experience the summer in that area. Take care.

  7. I love Telluride. It was the first place I went skiing, for Spring Break in 1974.

  8. Have you been there since?

  9. I was there in 1994 and again in 1999, but not for skiing. Just for sightseeing.

  10. Maybe one day I will go there for the summer hikes and do some sightseeing myself.

  11. […] to simplistic and never-disappointing photographic images. Don’t miss out on some laughs in Telluride, Co. Actually, the titles gets more entertaining than that one. Check it […]

  12. Just letting you know that I featured this post on my blog.

  13. Thank You for letting me know. I feel honored and happy you found it worth posting on your blog!

  14. Beautiful! Telluride is one of my favorite places to sky.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and liking “Dreams…”. Both are much appreciated. You do beautiful work. Can’t wait to see more! Enjoy the day… Robyn

  15. Giaskyler Says:

    Thank You Robyn. You do great work yourself.

  16. My favorite mountain place here in Colorado. I wish it was closer to Denver. Think they can move it?

  17. With a little bit of magic they can. Unfortunately there is no magic 😦

  18. Thank you for recently visiting my blog. I love your photos of Telluride and your post on your skiing experience. Congrats on learning to ski. It takes a lot of focus, strength and endurance in the legs and knees, so I have never tried it because I did not think I could learn it without meeting up with a tree on the way down, or somersaulting like a toppled snowman. 🙂 I’ve had plenty of opportunity though living near the mountains, being a Colorado native. It is a very popular sport here. Hope you can enjoy it sometime again.

  19. Thank You Joyce. I hope so too. So far I did not have the chance, but nothing is lost yet 😉

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