12 Responses to “Birds”

  1. So beautiful…..nice work!!!

  2. Thank You Kristen

  3. The orange one gets my vote… As if the feathers are painted.

  4. I love birds, and as a matter of fact my blue menace (budgie) is standing beside me. My favourite is the flamingo.

  5. You are the second person who said that. And to think I wasn`t sure I wanted to put it in the post. Glad I did

  6. Keep the awesome birds coming.
    Maybe some budgies in the future? 😛

  7. Budgies are beautiful. Never had a camera around one so we will see…maybe one day 🙂

  8. Very nice shots … I see you’re using a Canon Powershot and not one of the big, fancy, DSLRs. More power to you Giaskyler! I use a Sony HX9V and seem to do just fine with it. I still hope, someday, to have a BiG camera like the REAL photographers out there – but for now, the point-n-shoot seems to fill the niche. Keep up the good work. D

  9. Thank You for a nice comment. I am using Cannon Powershot. How did you guess? I am also using Nikon film camera and Nikon digital (both big cameras). I love them all! But I do love my big ones more I have to admit 🙂

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