Home Away From Home

This is where I have found myself and spread my wings. Every time I come back from my trips and I see this beautiful skyline, it  takes my breath away. It does not matter that I should be used to this amazing view after over a decade of living here. I still look at it with the feelings I had when I first saw it! This is HOME.                                                P.S. I did not know which photo to choose, so I decided to post them all.

34 Responses to “Home Away From Home”

  1. Loved your series of shots! All of them are so well taken!

  2. I understand why you couldn’t decide which to post! They’re great 🙂

  3. It is hard when you love them all 🙂

  4. I am sorry about your father. You are right, the pain never goes away. It merely transforms itself into a huge sink hole. My father has been gone since 1985, I was 22 when he passed. I will never forget, nor will I allow my self to. One thing is for certain, and as said, ‘it does not get easier”. It doesn’t. I still, miss him after all this time. I think of my dad often this past May 4, my day would have been 86. I feel he missed out on many of the important moments in my life and the lives of my children, his grandchildren, and being a great-grandfather. He was a wonderful man who in my eyes no one will ever fill that void. Know this, there are others out there who feel like we do. We merely must persevere. I like your photos I like the one in the middle as it has a bit more vibrancy that the others.

  5. All three stunning examples of your talent!
    Keep clicking!

  6. Thank You So Much and I am sorry about your father!

  7. Breathtaking skyline, these photos shows well how much you care for your home! Thank you for your appreciation in my blog,
    Artphalt (http://artphalt.wordpress.com)

  8. I am for #3 but good you posted all 3. So hard to choose when posting what you like. Take care.

  9. …. and they are all spectacular 🙂

  10. Thank You Paula. Love your Alpine lake photo!

  11. Ooo I like all three, each for different reasons! Beautiful skyline!

  12. What city is this?

  13. Thank You Abraalani!

  14. Chicago is my favorite US city. My Aunt lives in Ogden Dunes so I’ve been in town a few times over the years. LOVE it! Thank you for stopping by on my blog. You have an amazing talent! I’m now following! Have a great day! Donna

  15. Thank You Donna! Have a good one yourself!

  16. Hi thanks for the follow, I too travel a lot and its always nice to come home.

  17. There is no place like home 🙂

  18. Thank you for liking my photo. I love your skyline photo but it’s the feeling that goes with it I really relate to. Born in Manhattan , when I get to go home, there is a peace that comes over me in the middle of that crazy city. I’m sorry about your dad. I went through it 8 years ago and he still shows up in my dreams.Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thank You. I had no idea that so many people can relate about my dad. Sorry about your dad too. Have a good one.

  20. thanks for reminding us to never take life for granted, whether it’s the familiar beauty of your hometown or the depth of your love for your dad…both are bringing tears to my eyes, and i don’t mind

  21. Thank You Carollei! That is so sweet!

  22. love them all too 😉
    good to have found my way here and thanks for stopping by over at my web corner . .

  23. It was a tough choice. Glad you like them!

  24. Bambi Lynn Says:

    I think it’s awesome that people are so much alike, yet so different in many ways. I say that because although I can appreciate your love of the view from your window, it’s not appealing to me at all. I do love photography though, and you have some amazing shots on your blog!

  25. Thanks Bambi Lynn

  26. Inspired and pretty Says:

    Beautiful skyline, where is it ?

  27. Chicago, United States

  28. Beautiful shot!

  29. Lovely photo. I feel that way about Seattle, my silver city by the sea.

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