Friday The 13th

I love numbers: 3, 13 and 31. They are my lucky ones, for in the past they brought me good fortune and luck.

Today is my favorite day: Friday the 13th. Sticking to all that is considered by most people bad luck, I include a photo of one of the most amazing cat I have ever met (while cat/dog/house-sitting for my friends).

He loved water. He would dive in the bathtub/sink full of water. As soon as he heard it running, he was there, ready to jump. I realize he is not black… but he will have to do.

8 Responses to “Friday The 13th”

  1. gorgeous marmalade 🙂

  2. beautiful cat! I have a special connection to the orange ones because I’m a red-head too!

  3. I agree! Beautiful!

  4. Isn’t it that it has to be black to consider bad luck?

  5. Didn`t have a black cat photo so I used what had ;D

  6. Great cat photo! I have always appreciated friday the 13th as well…I always figured that since everyone was expecting bad luck, there’d be alot of extra good luck floating around. I have a black cat–actually I have 4 cats and two of them are black–but my housecat, my #1 pet, is solid black (with little white tummy) and he also adores water…He gets under the faucet and lets it run down over his head and drinks and plays and washes in it like a racoon. It’s funny and adorable! If I had room indoors I’d get him his own little wading pool! Anyhow, I enjoyed your entry here, and just wanted to share…

  7. Looks like your cat is one of the kind too 🙂

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