New Orleans

Cemeteries in New Orleans can be scary and beautiful at the same time. During the day they welcome you with their unique tombs, their history and amazing stories. At night they can be quite spooky. No wonder they make a lot of vampire movies there. To me they were the heart of the city that is so famous for it`s voodoo, vampires and fortune telling.

Besides the cemeteries things and places that left me speechless or at loss for words were: amazing swamps and their wild life, breathtaking plantations that I wished I could live on, beautiful Garden District and of course gorgeous French Quarter.

While visiting this magical city I had to try delicious sea food that everybody who`s been there was talking about. Turned out they did not exaggerate, it was the best I have ever had!

New Orleans definitely worked it`s magic on me and I am under it`s spell. I am hoping I will get the chance to go back there at least one more time.

16 Responses to “New Orleans”

  1. some lovely shots

  2. Love it! Definitely is a magical part of the world and you do have the eye for catching that magic…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I saw New Orleans for the first time less than 2 months ago. I was there for 2 days and took over 300 pictures! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip there, too.

    I agree about the cemeteries – they are scary and kind of pretty. I only saw them in the daytime though – I’m not crazy!

  4. Sorry…the anonymous comment was me…wasn’t logged into WP account….

  5. I went walking around one of San Diego’s largest cemeteries this morning for three hours. San Diego doesn’t have many cemeteries. Seems most people opt for cremation. Got lots of great pictures.

  6. In Chicago not far from where I live is old cemetery. I have one photo in my older entries titled “random” . The place has many more gorgeous and famous family tombs and graves.

  7. Some wonderful shots here and thanks for checking out my blog. looking forward to seeing more from yours.

  8. Thank You! You have some great photos yourself 🙂

  9. Beautiful photo’s! I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans.

  10. You should when You get a chance! It is fun and magical! Totally different world!

  11. Beautiful series. Love your style.

  12. Thank You 🙂

  13. stanzebla Says:

    Nice photos. I like graveyards somehow. But yes I agree, I might not want to go on a big cemetery like that alone at night. Thanks for your visit and like on my blog. 🙂

  14. Love the graveyard photos the best; thanks for sharing. I would love to walk around there too with my camera! Thanks for stopping by!~chaoticwhitespace

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