“To Do” Travel List

I have a list of places that I would like to visit someday. Slowly but surely I am making it happen. Very high on my list was one of the Seven Wonders Of The World, Grand Canyon.

My dream came true this past winter and I had the chance to stand on the edge (literally) of this breath taking place. Snow on the ground, wind blowing so hard I was afraid that with one wrong step I am gonna fall/slip and be gone forever. I could not get enough of it`s beauty. It makes you really see how powerful Mother Nature is.

It is experience I will never forget, standing there and looking down, wondering “how did nature do it?”.

29 Responses to ““To Do” Travel List”

  1. stunning. Just stunning. I’m glad you & your camera are happy again 🙂

  2. Very Happy Thank You! 🙂

  3. I remember the first (and only) time I stood on the edge. It was so surreal. Glad your wish came true….

  4. You are right. It was surreal! I just could not stop staring at this unbelievable place

  5. Wonderful photo, nature is amazing.

  6. So happy to hear you and your camera are one again. Wonderful photos of the canyon. I hope to see it in a couple years. Thanks for another glimpse of what i have to look forward to. 🙂

  7. You will love it there! I promise! It is incredible!

  8. The first time I ever saw the Grand Canyon, I felt my jaw drop and I could hear a pin drop. It was the most magnificent sight of nature I had ever stood before. You captured that moment for me again here. Thank you. Sharon

  9. It was like the world stood still! Thank you for a nice comment Sharon

  10. Wow. Amazing photos.

  11. Thank You Cecile

  12. Inspired and pretty Says:

    Why haven’t I discovered you sooner ? Your photos are SUPERB ! Very very beautiful ! I love them all !
    I’m so glad for you that you could travel to Grand Canyon and realize this dream, you will now have wonderful memories to cherish and photos to look at.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and the like on my latest post !

  13. Thank You so much for an incredibly nice comment! I just started this blog about 2 months ago so I am new to the world of blogging.You are doing great job yourself 🙂

  14. great photos! this is also on my to-go list … hopefully one day I’ll make it there. oh, and thanks for liking my blog-post as well!

  15. Thank You! Love your photos of flowers and the 11-th tree is very interesting too 🙂

  16. Your photographs make me want to pack my bags and hop on a plane, it is great to see you blogging and sharing your talent.

    Please keep taking photos and sharing them with the world, I enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award and the Genuine Blogger Award. Read about it here: http://twoblackdoggies.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/two-black-dogs-be-thanking-you/

  17. Holy Cow! Thank You so much! I can not believe it! You have no idea how happy you made me! I definitely have to read about the awards and find out more what they are since I am new to the blogging world! WOW! Thank You again 🙂

  18. These are spectacular…Of course you have a very giving subject matter there but it is obvious that you are a very talented photographer. Love the shadowing!..just beautiful…

  19. Thank You 🙂

  20. Grand Canyon is in my list too.
    Too bad I don’t have a visa.
    No funds for now. 😦

  21. SO beautiful! I love the Grand Canyon. -beth

  22. Thank You Beth. You have very beautiful photos on your blog. I am fairly new to the photo shop and I am looking for a good one. Which one would you recommend? I saw on your blog how beautifully you worked on yours ( I like that the changes are subtle and enhance the photos instead changing them and with that taking their essence away). I hope you don’t mind me asking? Have a good day and thank you for visiting my blog.

  23. Great job accomplish what you put on your dream travel!
    This is on top of my bucketlist as well.

  24. Thanks! I am hoping that by the end of the year I will have another place on my list “checked”!

  25. Happy to know that you’ve got what you’ve dreamt of …hope you can visit Indonesia,and Bali, someday..thanks for liking my post.

  26. I hope that too 🙂

  27. Gorgeous pictures!!!! thank you for stopping by my blog!!

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