Flower Obsession

 I can not walk past a beautiful flowers when I have camera in my hand. I am just drawn to them like bees and butterflies are. Some of these photos were taken with digital camera NIKON D90 and some with film camera NIKON N65. To me the difference is very visible.

17 Responses to “Flower Obsession”

  1. Photography by Gisele Morgan Says:

    beautiful images of some really beautiful flowers ♥

  2. Thank You for the nice comment. Greatly appreciated!

  3. Beautiful work !!

  4. Love your flower and sunset photos. Thanks for the like on my blog too.

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. Beautiful – & I can’t walk past flowers either, especially when I have my little camera in hand…

  7. Thank You 🙂

  8. Awesome work of photography! =)
    I guess that’s how it is with such a fine camera.

    By the way, thank you so much for liking my post! ^_^

  9. You’re right … one has to take pictures of beautiful flowers, when you see them! Great photos! Thanks for liking my blog posts! Come back again!

  10. I feel exactly the same! Such gorgeous blooms and colours, you’ve captured them beautifully.

  11. These are so lovely! I am incredibly jealous. Wonderful pictures 🙂

  12. Thank You So Much!

  13. Very beautiful flowers and pictures! I also can not walk past flowers when I have my camera with me – I always will take pictures of the beauty of the nature; it´s a beautiful passion!
    Thank you for sharing your work!

    Sunelly Sims

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