Long time ago I was riding on one of the Chicago buses with my mom and sister on Lake Shore Drive, along lake Michigan. It was a very cold winter. The wind was so strong and chilli that you could not breathe when it hit your face. From the bus window I saw this tree that I just had to take a picture of. It was late at night but somehow I was able to convince my family to go. This is what I saw.

15 Responses to “Frozen”

  1. Charles Pacqué Says:

    That’s a special tree 😀

  2. Incredible photos. I saw iced over trees before but not like that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can see why you didn’t want to pass up that incredible sight!

  4. Yep. I was mesmerized!

  5. Wow, GiaSkyler, I see some incredible work here in your most recent posts. Thanks for the “like” on my Wednesday Woody post today.

  6. Thank You. I liked your photo too. I think strange and simple things make for the most interesting photos. Even better when not photo shopped a lot. Shows skills and good eye of the person taking them

  7. Thank you, again! I agree. I like to photoshop some photos a tad bit, but I always strive to get that perfect shot! Love a challenge; so much easier using digital!

  8. great photo 🙂

  9. I’m glad you braved the cold biting winds to take these photos! That’s dedication and a deep wonder for life I think. Love it. Sharon

  10. Thank You Sharon

  11. i hope to see an iced tree like that once. beautiful.

  12. Thanks for following our blog. Beautiful tree! You must be mesmerized at that time.

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