Tres In The South

When traveling in the south part of the United States I could not get enough of the beautiful scenery, especially trees. They just blew me away. The branches  were very impressive. I also never saw Spanish moss before (unless we count the movies). I was like a child, admiring with my mouth open.

9 Responses to “Tres In The South”

  1. Gosh yes! I lived there for 10 years and was always drawn to the trees. The Spanish moss is beautiful as are the magnolias. Were they in bloom where you were there? They should be blooming about now. What did you think of the Kudzu?

  2. I have to admit the trees were my main focus. Kudzu I saw a few times in my life but the trees and Spanish moss were new to me

  3. Your images are excellent and take me back to my Georgia home.

  4. Thank You 🙂

  5. Nice photos. Glad you came to see us…y’all come back now, you hear!?!

  6. I hope to come back. Loved it there!

  7. These are amazing! great job!

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